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Hard Wax, Berlin

Also, includes new tracks for the release on PS4. Which'll make sense to the gamers, I'm sure. Release through Black Screen Records. Artist s : David Housden. Label s : Black Screen Records.

The tunes that make up Top Ten are a fresh mix of sounds. It makes for a pleasing mix. Artist s : Otik. Label s : Keysound Recordings. These tracks all carry an optimism that is more than welcome in Addictive drum buttons layered with a warm ambience contrast with tracks that have a bit more bounce.

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Label s : FireScope Records. This is their self-titled debut full-length, and it's an electronic song-based tour de force of arpeggiating synths and cool vocal performances. Released by Upset The Rhythm. Artist s : The Green Child. Label s : Upset The Rhythm. Volcov From The Archive Vol.

The set, which includes tunes by Ron Trent and the Roy Ayers-affiliated Harry Whitaker, flows nicely between nu-jazz, neo-soul and hip-hop. All in all From The Archive Volume 2 is a fine bit of curation. Artist s : Volcov. Label s : BBE. Ya hear that, boy?

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What could that ruckus be? Yes sir. Oh sweet Lord, have mercy! Artist s : Howlin Rain. Label s : Silver Current Records. It must help that Mike D has taken them under his wing too. Artist s : The Lytics. Label s : Haldern Pop. Furthermore, he's also had a crack at a couple of films from the rebooted Jurassic World series, and this Mondo release presents his music for Fallen Kingdom across two vinyl.


DJ H – The Bass Project EP

Artist s : Michael Giacchino. Label s : Mondo. CID RIM takes the high energy art rock of the band's original, and gives it the electronic edge and sheen his cohort of producers is known for. Artist s : Django Django. Label s : Because Music. This is his fourth album which sensibly avoids the current vogue for synth rock and electro textures and simply writes good simple guitar pop with tunes you can whistle.

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Maybe he's ok after all? Artist s : Darwin Deez. Label s : Lucky Number. Black Spiders tried a few farewell shows and Spiby realised he could play without pain. He had to get back to doing the only thing he knew how to do - rock. Failed Magician is his debut solo album. Artist s : Pete Spiby Black Spiders. Label s : Be Lucky.

Vinyl LP, limited to copies with liner notes by Alvin Lucia. Label s : Iron Mountain Analogue Research. Think that cyberpunk is due another day in the sun? Wistfully daydreaming about bygone Whitby Goth festivals? Anti-Everything is very turn-of-the-century Marilyn Manson, which is great news because his recent stuff was starting to wear us out. We are, verily, all stars now.

Artist s : dragSTER. Label s : Louder Than War. Hannah Leighton-Boyce actually used some antique tools sourced from a museum in the creation of Instruments Of Industry, building up rich patterns of resonant metal ringing. The B-side is an audio catalogue of the tools. Artist s : Hannah Leighton-Boyce.

Label s : Folklore Tapes. The rest is pretty good. Artist s : Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear. Label s : Glassnote. Knightstown Knightstown Knightstown is Michael Aston, a man who has most notably composed music for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Being that those take place in World Cup years I can't be the only person who missed it but we now have a fresh chance to acquaint ourselves with Aston. Artist s : Knightstown.

Breakbeat Vinyl Lineup - Looie Loo

Label s : FatCat. Remastered and reissued by Strut. Artist s : Mulatu Astatke. Label s : Strut. Sun Ra Janus Janus is a collection of tracks taken numerous rare and differing sources from Sun Ra and the band that followed him round so loyally. The tracks featured in this five-track record were recored between and and contain live and studio performances. Available on vinyl LP and released on Warners. Label s : Warner Bros. Natureboy Flako Theme For A Dream Natureboy Flako has a very old-fashioned looking piece of sleeve art for his new LP, but the sounds within are bang up to date, with an array of analogue synthesiser equipment as well as guitars and vocals in use.

Album released by Five Easy Pieces. Artist s : Natureboy Flako Flako. Label s : Five Easy Pieces. Weighty soundscapes, pitter-patter beats and lots of messing around with voice. If you enjoyed that Kiasmos thing that Olafur Arnalds did a little while back then this one is likely to rustle your jimmies. Artist s : The Long Now. Label s : Curved Space Records. Well, he finally buckled down and got on with it, and aren't we glad; Frick used an assortment of instruments as well as his own field recordings and dissected breakbeats to craft a sonic collage infused with eclecticism and classical influences, interwoven with fragile melodies drawing on the poetry he takes in every day.

Artist s : Paul Frick.

whole sale breakbeat vinyl records Whole sale breakbeat vinyl records
whole sale breakbeat vinyl records Whole sale breakbeat vinyl records
whole sale breakbeat vinyl records Whole sale breakbeat vinyl records
whole sale breakbeat vinyl records Whole sale breakbeat vinyl records
whole sale breakbeat vinyl records Whole sale breakbeat vinyl records

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