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Biden has been trailing Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in fundraising. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is mulling his outfit choices this weekend. New: Trump will be attending the World Series on Sunday. He jokes that he would need "heavy armor" to throw the first pitch. My west coast colleague, Maanvi Singh, will take over the blog for the next few hours.

Democratic hopeful Marianne Williamson is a best-selling new age author and a guru to the celebs. During a question-and-answer session at the National Press Club in Washington, Williamson took umbrage at the insinuation her campaign was not gaining traction. After her rise in polls, Williamson said the other candidates and the Washington elite increasingly saw her as a threat. She talked about the layers of trauma average Americans face — food scarcity, homelessness, drug abuse, violence, among other issues.

She said she would have gone to war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and added that, had she been president, she would have intervened in Rwanda. Williamson fielded other questions that seemed tailored to her unique appeal: What did she make of Trump assertion that he deserves a Nobel Peace prize? She has as much political experience as Trump when he ran for president — which is to say none — so why does she think she can do the job better? And finally, would she consider Hillary Clinton for a position in her Department of Peace?

Rumely, U.

Cooper obviously decided to go ahead with her testimony anyway, following in the footsteps of several state department officials who have similarly chosen to comply with their congressional subpoenas. Judge: If President Trump shot someone on Fifth Avenue, local authorities couldn't investigate, or do anything about it?

Trump lawyer: No. Judge: Nothing could be done while in office? That is your position? Trump lawyer: That is correct. Consovoy argued that Trump could not be investigated for the hypothetical shooting while he was serving as president. The New York mayor is now taking issue with that. If you shoot someone, you should get arrested, and we would arrest him. The Hollywood Reporter explains :.

Tim Ryan (Ohio politician)

There are also calendar entries for Trump and his bodyguard showing how they flew from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in Dec. Many of these documents are from Trump Organization files. Some of these documents, Zervos contends, are ones that the Trump Organization is now attempting to keep secret by misusing confidentiality designations. On 31 August she sent a message to Mr Davis at approximately 8. They attended the pharmacy together at approximately 9. Ms Jenkins notes that Mr Davis also "took his valium that day just after his dose" and that he was "drowsy because of it" and "went back home and went to bed".

At approximately 4. She noted that he looked as though he had just got out of bed. She did not trust him to cook so prepared a meal for both of them. She states that he "was in a good mood and more alert than normal". On their return they again had coffee at Ms Jenkins home and she notes that "he kept going back over to his place, this was when we came back from the chemist.

Timothy J. Graham

Each time he came back to my place his condition was getting worse. The final time he came back over he was incoherent. He kept falling off his seat….. He knocked his coffee off the table".

Philip Fraser

Ms Jenkins took Mr Davis home and offered to make him dinner and Mr Jenkins advised her he would come to her home at 3. When Mr Davis did not attend Ms Jenkins went to his home and when she received no response to knocking and calling him she called Police.

Graham Clark, et al. v. Timothy Curtis Johnson | Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts

Tasmania Police Officers attended at approximately 3. Entry was forced via the rear door to the unit. Mr Davis was found, deceased, lying on the edge of a bed in the main bedroom of the unit. He was fully clothed. A quantity of medication including olanzapine, diazepam, panadeine forte, mirtazapine, cephabell were found in the unit together with a smoking device accompanied by cannabis. There were no signs of forced entry or a struggle. No note or message was found. Mr Davis was transported to the Royal Hobart Hospital. Andrew Griffiths, Forensic Scientist, Forensic Science Service, Tasmania carried out toxicology testing on post mortem blood and reports the presence of:.

It has effects typical of opioids — analgesia, sedation, respiratory depression, hypothermia, euphoria, miosis pin point pupils , decreased gastrointestinal motility, nausea and vomiting and urinary retention………..

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In combination with other CNS depressants eg oxycodone, mirtazapine, olanzapine, diazepam and THC the respiratory depressant effects of methadone will be enhanced. It has been recognised that many cases of methodone-induced death are not attributable to methadone alone, but to the combined effects of methadone and another drug or drugs.

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The effects of opioids like oxycodone reflect their depressant effects on the CNS and include analgesia, respiratory depression, drowsiness and sedation and cognitive changes……Therapeutic and toxic levels overlap. It is reported that individuals may tolerate therapeutic levels up to 0. Fluoxetine should not be taken in combination with other drugs which also act to increase serotonin brain levels. Mirtazapine is indicated in the treatment of depression….. Mirtazapine also has histaminergic properties and is, therefore relatively sedating.

I understand that he had just been started on methadone 3 days before and deaths due to respiratory depression in this early period are common because of the absence of tolerance. I am satisfied that a full and detailed investigation has been undertaken in relation to the death of Mr Davis and that there are no suspicious circumstances.

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Section 5. These drugs may be illegal substances such as heroin and amphetamines or legal substances such as alcohol or prescribed medications….. Patients should be warned of the high risks associated with mixing depressant drugs". In addition to methadone, drugs like alcohol and benzodiazepines are often present in large amount.

Attempts should be made during the treatment of patients to assess and monitor their use of other drugs. This may involve observation at the time of dosing, consultation with the patient, urine testing and self reporting. Appendix V of the Policy states that Methadone interacts with benzodiazepines and codeine, two drugs Mr Davis was taking, along with many other drugs.

It does not appear from the list of drugs in Appendix V that any other drugs Mr Davis was taking would have adversely reacted with Methadone. The report of Mr Griffiths from Forensic Science Tasmania states that when methadone is taken with other central nervous system depressants such as oxycodone, mirtazapine, olanzapine, diazepam and TCH the "respiratory depressant effects of methadone will be enhanced. Mr Davis clearly posed a significant challenge in respect of treatment for his addiction in that he was already taking medications to treat his bipolar disorder, depression and neck pain.

criminal records of john timothy graham Criminal records of john timothy graham
criminal records of john timothy graham Criminal records of john timothy graham
criminal records of john timothy graham Criminal records of john timothy graham
criminal records of john timothy graham Criminal records of john timothy graham
criminal records of john timothy graham Criminal records of john timothy graham
criminal records of john timothy graham Criminal records of john timothy graham
criminal records of john timothy graham Criminal records of john timothy graham
criminal records of john timothy graham Criminal records of john timothy graham
criminal records of john timothy graham Criminal records of john timothy graham

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