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Gleeden was launched in India in April In the two years since, it claims to have garnered about 2. Unsurprisingly, men outnumber women by , as against in Europe where 40 per cent of its subscribers are women. The most active age group is years. Given that the people that Gleeden is targeting are much older than, say, Tinder, there are several inhibitions that users especially women have before signing up to an app that would facilitate an extramarital affair. Does the data imply that married men are more willing to cheat on their partners than married women?

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But it could also indicate a lack of penetration pun unintended in the digital circles where women are more active. It could also just be confirming stuff we already sort-of know. For one, Indian women probably spend less time online than men. Secondly, there is a greater taboo with respect to women acknowledging that they have sexual needs. Most of its users also come from privileged economic and professional backgrounds. According to the company rep, Indian users take more time than their European counterparts to get to know each other online before meeting in real life.

The amount of information disclosed in their profiles is also quite different from those in European countries: there is less information about their sexual preferences especially for women , and fewer public profile pictures. However, Indians do have just as many private pictures as their counterparts in Europe do. Clearly 4G has helped married couples experience different kinds of penetrations.

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  • One may question the ethics of an app that encourages extramarital affairs. However, given that hundreds of thousands of people are flocking to it in India, we also need to question how the institution of marriage needs to be taking a long, hard look at. That particular study found that a lack of emotional satisfaction in your primary relationship and wanting emotional connection or validation from someone else were key reasons why people entered into affairs.

    Interestingly, that study also found that men and women responded similarly to questions about their experiences with infidelity though significantly more women than men participated in the study. Another common reason why Ashley Madison members said they liked having affairs? More than half said it made them feel more alive. Though sometimes it may be just about sex, often an affair fulfills other, less obvious personal needs.

    Site for married people looking for
    Site for married people looking for
    Site for married people looking for
    Site for married people looking for
    Site for married people looking for
    Site for married people looking for
    Site for married people looking for
    Site for married people looking for

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