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Once I learned that the family was disputing the cause of death ie. I'm certain that's what "Kiser's" friends and family were objecting to originally. Posted by: Kevin August 25, at PM.

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There's an article re: Kiser in today's Tribune--for those of you who haven't seen it, here's the link:. Posted by: gladys September 08, at AM. Posted by: gladys September 08, at PM. I didn't know Kiser, but maybe my own past experiences have given me a different perspective on happenings like this.

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I don't know. What I DO know, though, is that the Eric Zorn commentary linked above really pissed me off, to a degree that I felt like I just had to respond somehow. So this is not me plugging my blog--this is me responding to what I view as an unwarranted attack on someone who didn't deserve it and who can't respond for himself. Peter was my man!!!!! TO those who knew him they knew that he was a person with a good heart and an even better hand!!! I am a writer "tagger" myself and i really feel that we should not overplay that he was a writer. There are many writers that have died through the years in this cold city, just recently a cat from MUL cru Made U Look , and he actually was painting at the time of his death.

I feel that we should imbrase that for all of his adult life he was doing something that he loved,and to me, that is a better headline then any paper has printed or stated ever!!! We should be so lucky to find something to love as much as Peter Barry did. He found life in a time where so many of us fall short and that is what he should be remembered as I used to live kitty corner to the morse stop.

Like, my windows were facing morse on the south side , 2nd floor, Rogers Park Artspace. Anyhow, the trains stop at the stop He must have been hit a ways down the tracks from the stop, and which side was it? This should be solved, because writers rarely get killed by freak accident So I also want to say Im sad to hear kise passed away.

Didnt know him, just his tag which is all the fuck over. Posted by: barb September 30, at PM. Posted by: erin October 04, at PM. Posted by: Jamey October 06, at PM. Posted by: gladys October 07, at AM. Just be surfing around in net. I definitely fpund a very informal place with a lot of good stuff for everybody.

I will certainly visit your site again sometime. Really good work. Was he hit or dis-membered? Did he know the Sunday train schedule? Was he someone who I would want my child to look up to?

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I have already answered this one.. What was the King's cause? Did the King die a martyr?

Sunday, 3 October 2004

Did he write his epitaph in his own blood? If you are going to deface property whether it be public or private, you are breaking the law. I don't care what type of stupid justification you might have for it, plain and simple it is illegal. While his death is tragic, he knew he was breaking the law.

The reason you aren't supposed to go on the train tracks is because you could either be hit or touch the third rail. If he was really that talented, he should have done used it for something good, not something illegal. Posted by: Got what was coming January 03, at PM. Posted by: gladys January 04, at AM. If I were a bank robber and shot while I doing a job, then I would have got what was coming, If I were a smoker and died of lung cancer, then I would have got what was coming.

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I never said it wasn't tragic or sad, but it came with the nature of his occupation. Posted by: Got what was coming January 04, at PM.

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Posted by: iliana February 16, at AM. I didnt know kiser at all really, but we did go to the same grade school, and im sad to hear that he passed away. He seems like a really nice guy and was loved by many. I just wish i had the chance to meet him. Posted by: Someone who cares September 14, at PM. Posted by: oiboi November 09, at AM. Still think about you, and know your in a better place.. Duke G and the fallen graffiti writers. Posted by: scenetfocab August 06, at PM. I see tributes to kiser everywhere and what I truly see is art and a way to express it To have such talent Posted by: Barse5 February 22, at PM.

Obviously this nut ball had psychiatric issues otherwise why was he walking along the L tracks? Come on people, at some point you just have to give it up So now you're glorifying a tagger who was not supposed to be defacing property with graffiti? I dont get it. And isn't it a bit dangerous to be walking along the tracks where you could get electrocuted? Posted by: Pookie March 23, at PM. Hope this cat rests in peace Posted by: lord saino November 24, at PM.

I will always remember his smile and his tags on the bus RIP and we will see eachother again one day Posted by: Georgina February 02, at PM. Peter barry was murdered on the morse stop.


It happened. He was a very smart person and would not have heard a train comming. Morse was the last place i saw him alive in His only weakness and most likely the reason he died is he didnt know when to back down from things or people. I can say with almost utter and total comfidence that someone tryed to rob him or mess with him, most likely more than one person and he didnt back down or try to run away and get out of that situation.

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He was a good person and anyone that can listen to this situation and in the end say "tagger got what he desurved" needs to look at there own life and what is truely important. Posted by: marcus strong arm February 13, at PM. Posted by: marcus arm strong February 13, at PM. First off, please learn the English language and use propper spelling and grammar if you will be attempting to post negative comments. Second, "tagging" was not all Peter Berry did in his life. In case you did not know him, which I am sure you did not, he held down several jobs and took care of his family while doing what he loved.

If you read any piece of literature, crime and punishment are completely different from life and death.

Cbs big brothers trackback url closed
Cbs big brothers trackback url closed
Cbs big brothers trackback url closed
Cbs big brothers trackback url closed
Cbs big brothers trackback url closed
Cbs big brothers trackback url closed

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