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Campbell Contacts Montgomery Campbell Family History Ancestral Families of Alison Cannady Carden of Barnane Carder - Curtis Family History Reddick Cartwright; Ancestor and Descendants Families Reddick Cartwright; Ancestor and Descendant Families Carter Genealogy Diane Edward J.

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Carson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Descendants of Thomas Culton The Carmack Family The Carmack Family Second edition Carders of Virginia Descendants of William Cavin and Mary Dolbier Genealogical Record of the Chace and Hathaway Families from A Supplement to Chace-Hathaway Record My Chase, Coleman, and Cozad Family Chapin Genealogy Chase Family Les Familles des Chicoines, Families of the Chiocoines ; A genealogical account of the descendants of Stanislas and Arsenia Chicoine, with photographs and historical information Christensen; The families of Iver and Nelia Christensen Churchill The Genealogical Works of Dr.

James P. Clark of Estherville, Iowa Clay, M. Families Early Clark-Clarke Clues Cline - Kline Family Clifford Family History James Stell Coberly c.

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William F. Cody Charles A. Jacob Woodward Colladay and His Descendants The Families of Connell and Truax A Connett Family History William The Cooper Family of Maryland Corwin Cordner, The Royal House of Cordner Our Coulter Clan and Allied Families Descendants of Henry Crawford A newsletter for Crawford researchers Lawrence Crawford, , his ancestors and his descendants Robert and Elizabeth Crew Ellyson , their ancestors and descendants Russell C.

Crouse, Curtiss, Curtis of Stanford Connecticut The Leonard Curry Genealogy The Descendants and Ancestors of Elmer H. Dahl and Ellen Theresia Larson The Darrow Family in the United States Samuel Davis of Oxford, Mass. And Joseph Davis of Dudley, Mass. And Their Descendants Davis and Caroline E. Wilcox and other hoosier kin, plus yankee and english ancestors of Caroline Wilcox Davis Edward R.

Davison Family, Edward soldier of the Revolution Grandma was a Davis Diggin for Davis Christine; Gedge, Alice A. Davis Family, Shelby, Iowa. Davis Family Data. A Collection of misc. Day Sugar of a Rag Some Days from Virginia John Quincy Deakin, ; Genealogy and history John Deeter of Allegheny Township Floris De Jong and His Wife Anna Maria Thomassen and Descendants; 15 children, 48 grandchildren, great grandchildren, great, great grandchildren and 4 great, great, great grandchildren Journey from the Three Bridges The Demaris Tree in America Robert R.

Andrew De Smidt Family History George E.

St. Louis births records,

Dewey, USN Deyoe Dice and Fanny Brechbill Dice The Genealogy of Kylie E. Supplement to the History of the Dodson-Dotson Family Dodd of the Line of Daniel Dod of Connecticut Harold Autobiography of M. Harold Donald Harold, Compiler Donald Clan Volume II Anthony Dorchester and His Descendants Doubleday Families of America Doughertys in America in the 18th and 19th Centuries Descendants of a John Dunlap Dick The Horseleap Dunns The Durkee Family Newsletter William H.

Brian My Two Roads Records of the Eckley Family in America Our Eggleston and Allied Families Hans Diederich Ehlers Descendants of Thomas Eldridge Joshua W.

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Ellis Family, The Ancestry and Descendants of Philip Eller Elliott The Englehorn Family James Douglass To The West in Esbeck and wife, Christina Sorensen Oysterville; Roads to Grandpa's Village Our Ewing Heritage with Related Families Johann and Anna Fechter The Name's the Same Fehler Fennessy of the County Tipperary The Michael Fetter Family, James Finley and Caroline Giese; Their families, their descendants Fish Family of Kossuth County Fisher Genealogy Fisher Facts Laughlin Flinn of Virginia and his Descendants History of the Flickinger Family Flint Family History of the Adventuresome Seven Charles E.

John Flora, Sr. Follmer Genealogy and History The Fonkerts of Holland and America William T. Foreman and Allied Families Foster and Kinsfolk Foulke History and Genealogy of an Iowa Family Foust-Bishop-Hoover Family Histories Fowler and Emma L. Minkler Hubbell Who Was Grandma Franklin? The Joseph Jackson Gallentine Family - Garr Genealogy Garwood Family Tree John, Elias, and William Gaskill Genealogy Geist Family History Ancestry of Elihu B. Gifford and Catherine Sandow Barrows Lawrence, Pennsylvania History of the Gill Family The Gilson Family History of the Gillespie-Steele Family The Gill Family Ulrich Gingrich, Descendants to , Pennsylvania to Iowa Some Glenn Families in Pennsylvania Joseph Glick Family Scrapbook The Goddard Book Goff-Davis Ancestral Lines Joseph Goldsmith, and his descendants Good - Goode Genealogy The Graue Family Genealogy of John Green, and Abraham Whisler, Gove Families Green and Paul Prose Grier of San Francisco; Builder in the west and his family The Griers; Pioneers in America and Canada, Griffin Families Marry, an addendum to chapter three The History of the Bladinsville, Illinois, Grigsbys The Grimes Family Grimsley Family Workbook Genealogy of the Grove and Groves Families Gruber - Reissenweber, A Generation of Letters The Guffin Family in America The Guggenheims, An American Epic Gulling, born 17 June and Sarah Maudrue, born 3 May Descendants of Hendrick Van Gulick The Gulick Book From Ireland: Land of Pain and Sorrow Family of Friedrick Hagemann and Dorothea Knief The Richard Haines Family The Hakes Family, Second Edition A Hallock Genealogy The Biography of Seth Hammer Hunt The Descendants of Benjamin J.

Hamilton A Contribution to the Genealogy of the Handerson Family Hanson Heritage Our Hancock Family Barnoske Jacob's Sons and Daughters The Harmon Family The John Kendrick Harrill Family Harris Snyder Family A Harter Journal; The family of J. George and Eva Harter Genealogical Notes of Jay C. Hartsook The Harman Family Harless Family Association Bulletins Index The Harbours in America Descendants of John Hasty The Haugen-Talhaug Relationship Spieler The Haupert Family History Hawbaker Descendants from The Hawk Tale The A.

David Hayes of Connecticut, Vermont and Ohio Hayes, A Family History The Healy Branch Heileman, and Caroline huttenlocker, Heisterkamp Descendants Helgerson - Hill Heritage Johnnie Hemmes Family Tree, Our House of Henderson Henson and Their Descendants Hendrix Family The Family of Mathias Hengen The Herndons of th eAmerican Revolution Genealogical Record of Reverend Hans Herr and his direct lineal descendants The Other Hertzler-Hartzlers Peter The Hiemstra Family History Hill-Wallace Family History Howard Thomas Hillis and Descendants Hizer Genealogy My Forefathers Pioneers of Central Iowa Holzhuse, Lauen and Boelman Families Holland and Eleanor Friend George F.

Hough and Huff Families Howland The Huber-Hoover Family History Hubbell Don Darlene Hudek Genealogy Huff Genealogy Gerald The Hughes Story Pankonin Hulls in the American Revolution Sidney The Hulsebus Family, The Hullett-Houlett-Howlett Family Frank The Hummer Family History Card David H umble, ? Descendants of Jesse and Mary C. Hunt The Early Hunt Families of Vermont John Huntley of Lyme, Connecticut Hunton-Huntoon Families in America The Hunter and Paul Family History Hurt Genealogy - revised Hutchcroft Family Descendants Huyck, Howk, Houck in America, 's Iler Family Ancestry The Imus Family Daniel Inman and His Descendants, ca.

Innerst Genealogy Ancestral Forefathers of the T. Jacobson Family Descendants of Silas Jacobs Jim Beyond the Hop Rock History of James-Younger-Cole Family A History of the Jarnagin Family in Iowa John C. Jennings, Jobes, Breller, Bell and Stonebraker Families Downing Johnston-Stapp and Allied Families History of the Johns and Rainsbarger Families Progeny of Capt.

Johnston of Caskieben, Crimond and Caiesmill Johnson Gleanings - Volume One Jones Journeys Robert Jordan and His Descendants in America Repassing at My Side…A story of the Junkins Palmer H. Genealogy of William L. Kendall and Barbara J. Scheffers Kennedy Klues Montgomery Kennedy Family Records Kennaley Family History Reverand Reminiscences of Col.

John Ketcham of Monroe County, Indiana The Kiener Family Killams Kimbrough, Jr. Kimbrough Descendants A Noble Son: Spencer W. Kimball Records of the Kimmel and Related Families Elzinga , Cornelius, Efifie Mrs. Nick Brower , Mary B. Cornelia Madderom his wife, Gertie Mrs. Henry VanderWall. Jacob DeJong, was born April 9,; died Aug. Tryntje, the sixth child of Mr. Jacob DeJong, was born April 28,; died Feb. Jacob DeJong, born Jan. Cornelia was a daughter of Klass Madderom and Tryntje Ton.

Dirk DeYoung born Jan.

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  4. Diskin, born Oct. Diskin, born Sept. DeYoung born April 4, , married Gene P. Voss born Nov. Voss, born May 27, Voss, born Dec. Voss, torn Aug. Voss Jr. DeYoung, died in infancy.

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    4. DeYoung born Aug. DeYoung, born Nov.

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      Dirk DeYoung born Aug. John Kuite born March 3, on Aug. Exner Pauling, born July 17, Clifford David Pauling, born Aug. Dirk DeYoung are numbered according to birth. The next generation, letters are used, beginning with a for the firs born, b for the second and so on.

      The first generation is designated by one letter with a letter added for each following generation. Dirk DeYoung, born June 20,; died Jan. Dirk DeYoung, born Jan. Elzinga bom May Dirk DeYoung born Nov. Dirk DeYoung born Feb. Dirk DeYoung bom Jan. William J. Loos born July 11, on Dec 27, VanderWall, born March 11, VanderWall, born July 9, Moerdyk born Oct. DeYoung, born Jan. Taggert born Sept. Taggert, bom June 23 Roberta Jo Taggert, born June 27, Taggert Jr. Taggert, born April 5, Taggert, born, Nov. Taggert, born Dec. Taggert, born April 30, Dirk DeYoung, born Oct. Vandenburg bom Aug. DeYoung born April 16,, married Elizabeth A. Teeter born July 28, on July 7, DeYoung, born Alarch 12, DeYoung, born Oct.

      Pranger born Jan. Dedoung married Mary Paarlberg. Dirk DeYoung, born Aug. Bailey born June 13, on December 28, Bailey born July 24,, married Frederic Koenig born Jan. Koenig, born June 5, Bailey born Oct.

      birth records jane dejong indiana Birth records jane dejong indiana
      birth records jane dejong indiana Birth records jane dejong indiana
      birth records jane dejong indiana Birth records jane dejong indiana
      birth records jane dejong indiana Birth records jane dejong indiana
      birth records jane dejong indiana Birth records jane dejong indiana
      birth records jane dejong indiana Birth records jane dejong indiana
      birth records jane dejong indiana Birth records jane dejong indiana
      birth records jane dejong indiana Birth records jane dejong indiana

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