Pedro the lion its hard to find a friend

It's Hard to Find a Friend

The album begins with "Of up and coming monarchs" which was at the time a narrative about living in a time with having to avoid the evils of the country and wishing to be free from it all. Funnily enough, though written in , it could fit today's situation with society in America perfectly.

He mentioned this same thing in his shows in recent months, but when played live time to time changes the line "Boycott the war well she could not afford to, Thanks to the new American Queen" to instead "King". A memorable track for sure, and actually one of the first Pedro songs that got me into them in the first place. Bare acoustic and vocals, with a surprisingly fitting bass solo in the middle. The lyrics are a story about a person in distress, and is partly a religious message in his pleading for help from Jesus. The next track I will mention is "Bad Diary Days".

The lyrics are about a husband who begins to realize his wife is cheating on him and finally confronts her. A very well composed song, and a very powerful one. Highly recommended. At 6 minute 40 seconds, "The Secret of Easy Yoke" can seem like a bit of a drag on the same idea for some at first listen.

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I do admit, the album version is a bit repetitive. However, it's message is very powerful. Written from the perspective of someone who doubts faith but wants to believe, yet just can't find proof for himself to put faith into. It builds very well, and is a solid track, lyrically and instrumentally. The other unmentioned tracks are mostly very good as well, I just pointed out the stand out tracks. Overall this album is one that you would likely either hate or love.

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It is mostly minimal in it's instrumentation, but the lyrical work, as always with Pedro the Lion, is the most satisfying part of the equation. I feel it truly deserves the full rating. Recommended for anyone with a taste for the lyrical aspect of music and interest in stripped down indie rock.

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Your Roadmap for Listening to Pedro The Lion and the Many Works of David Bazan

Athom Emeritus December 31st Comments. You have to be logged in to post a comment. Login Create a Profile. With the notable exceptions of the elegant dirge Bands With Managers and the murder ballad Discretion , Maybe he's trying too hard with the lyrics, that sometimes seem more appropriate to a movie script than to a pop song.

Pedro the Lion

We are better off imagining the plot of Transcontinental than humming its chorus. If it is not blue-collar rock and it is not confessional rock, what is it? This is music in need of more interesting arrangements. But it doesn't change the fact that one has to make an effort not to listen to Bazan's lyrics yet another stereotyped lyricist who thinks of himself as a groundbreaking bard, or, worse, an erudite historian.

Focusing on the music, one is much relieved, as the synthesizer duo plus drums is indeed an intriguing chamber orchestra for pop music. Unfortunately, half the songs do not live up to the concept. Had Bazan removed the filler, it would have been a very nice EP.

Curse Your Branches Barsuk, , the first album credited to David Bazan, is a brutally honest chronicle of his existential troubles. Musically, the style is the simple and straightforward folk-pop of the Pedro The Lion albums minus the musicians. Other than the sincerity of the stories, there is little to write about. The melodies are either trivial or dejavu.

pedro the lion its hard to find a friend Pedro the lion its hard to find a friend
pedro the lion its hard to find a friend Pedro the lion its hard to find a friend
pedro the lion its hard to find a friend Pedro the lion its hard to find a friend
pedro the lion its hard to find a friend Pedro the lion its hard to find a friend
pedro the lion its hard to find a friend Pedro the lion its hard to find a friend

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