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A really fantastic group from the Dutch scene at the start of the 70s — a scene that didn't give the world as much progressive rock as other parts of the continent at the time — but one that also had a pretty darn great approach to jazz! Pugh's Palace work here in a way that really Javier Santiago Phoenix — B-Sides. We loved the Phoenix album by keyboardist Javier Santiago — and although this set bills itself as if it's a relation to that record, it's more of a completely different effort — but one that's equally fantastic as well!

Santiago is a tremendous up-and-coming talent — a hell of a A really amazing criss-cross of musical modes from the island of Cape Verde — a nation that already gave the world many musical hybrids over the years, but really knocked things out of the park with the electrified funana movement in the 90s!

The sounds here are ancient at the core — A pretty amazing effort from country rock progenitor Gene Clark! This one blends breezy songcraft that's not too far off from his previous couple of great solo albums — rustic harmonies and memorable lyricism flavored by acoustic guitars — with far more deft studio touches such as A really cool collection of sci-fi soundtrack work — a massive 79 tracks pulled from the short-lived but excellent TV show The Invaders — a striking visual experience that was presented with some equally great music!

The whole thing is a great reminder of a time when the TV studios CD Soundtracks CD. Willie Colon Hustler. Brilliant early work from a young Willie Colon — a true hustler if there ever was one! The album has an amazing energy that really bridges a number of Latin scenes — it's part descarga jamming, part Latin soul, and part traditional Latin — put together with a no-nonsense approach Straight No Chaser Issue — Fall The th issue of Straight No Chaser — a fantastic book-size version of the magazine that was one of the most important inspirations for Dusty Groove back at the start!

There's few folks that cover the kind of music we love as well as Straight No Chaser — and this time around, they Turk Mauro Heavyweight. A solid classic from reedman Turk Mauro — a player who was equally skilled on both the tenor and the baritone sax — and always able to get the depth of the latter out of the former! The record's a bit out of time for its recording date — very old school, but in a very good Orquesta El Macabeo celebrate their 10th anniversary with a smoking double-length set — a perfect illustration of just how strongly they've grown in just a short span of time — to become a salsa dura combo with the chops to challenge some of the giants of years past!

There's a warmly CD Latin CD. Spreading Love is excellent early work from Al Hudson — a soulful talent who stood his own in the late 70s, forging an up-tempo funk sound that lived long past disco, and which was sort of Devin Morrison Bussin' with bonus track. A great debut from soul singer Devin Morrison — an artist who brings a strong nod here to mainstream soul of a few decades back — while also opening the door for some great collaborative talents from the underground! Devin wrote and produced the whole set — with an ear that An amazing package of rare work on Fender Rhodes — a 3CD set that brings together six full albums that were recorded in the 70s, but never saw the light of day until vinyl issued in recent years!

Pianist Rob Franken is totally great — maybe one of the hippest cats on the Dutch scene of A wonderful look at a shifting sound in British rock at the start of the 70s — a move away from more urban themes to rootsier ones — a shift that almost marks a second huge wave of influence from American music, but in ways that were very different from the blues and soul than first Carmen Lundy Modern Ancestors. To our ears, there's nothing like a record from Carmen Lundy — one of the few jazz singers who can hold us completely rapt over the years, and who keeps on coming up with wonderful albums like this one!

Carmen's voice has always been fantastic, but in recent years she's got an even more CD Vocalists CD. Dandy Dandy Livingstone Dandy Returns orange vinyl pressing. Dandy Livingstone steps off the plane on the cover — but the music inside is a key example of the work he was doing overseas — as Dandy produced the whole set of recordings in the late 60s London scene, where he was serving as a key bridge between that city and Kingston — as part Beautiful stuff — and one of the most stunning jazz albums ever recorded — a blinding mix of harpsichord, cello, and Indian percussion — with a sound that's unlike anything else we can think of!

The album was the brainchild of the cross-culturally fertile Saravah records at the A massive document of a really incredible project — a set of key duo improvisations that bassist Peter Kowald created with some of the leading free jazz musicians around the world — recordings that came relatively late in the legacy of the FMP jazz label, but which are very much in the Perception Mestari. A really amazing album from a French free jazz group who are really finding their way forward — issued in , but already very different from most of the initial post recordings on the Parisian scene!

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The album features a concert recording, with three very long-spun tracks by the A fantastic assortment of forward-thinking sounds — music that comes from some of the farthest corners of the postwar experimental underground — and which was all famously cited by the group Nurse With Wound as a big influence on their earliest albums! That reference aside, though, the One of the coolest record books we've ever seen — a smaller take on the album art format, but one that focuses exclusively on flexi discs — those thin little records which were usually given away free, and which are usually pretty hard-pressed to survive the passage of time!

Yet author Book Book. A tremendous step forward for Jazzanova — an album that's overflowing with classic soul touches, and done in a style we'd hardly have expected from the group a few years before! Jazzanova have always had an ear for older sounds in their music — which is something that first set them An excellent collection of rare soul groovers — one of those UK packages that are put together as a memory of their own great Northern Soul scene, but which has equal appeal to any fan of rare and unusual American soul!

The set list is great — and there's maybe a nicely wider range of That's a pretty trippy cover on the front, and an image that really sums up the vibe of this excellent record from Kaleta — a set that's even sharper and funkier than any of his previous efforts — yet which has some nicely way out qualities too! The instrumentation is heavy on elements One of the heaviest albums of the legendary Peruvian scene at the start of the 70s — a record that has all the sharpness, sparkle, and edge of some of the heavy rock giants of the UK at the time — but which also has a sound that's somewhat looser and more inventive too!

Traffic Sound Palm Unit began their recorded career with a great tribute to French jazz legend Jef Gilson — but here, they maybe sound even more amazing — in an album that takes on the tunes of bassist Henri Texier, but with results that are completely the group's own! Bass definitely figures in the A mindblowing look at the early years of Nat King Cole — a set that stretches in a mighty wide space before Nat's big fame at Capitol Records — and which also greatly expands our understanding of the material he recorded during his Decca years too! The music takes Nat back to a time One of the best showcases we've heard for the tenor sax work of Ivo Perelman in years — an open, blue-tinged performance that seems to open up his horn with a lot more soul than we remember!

Of course, some of the credit certainly goes to the other partners on the date — Matthew Shipp Daniel Maunick Macumba Quebrada. The first-ever full length set we've seen from Daniel Maunick — an artist who you might know from his remix work as Venom, or for his ties to the Incognito universe — given that Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick is his father! Yet the sound here is definitely Daniel's own — An unreleased album from singer Polly Niles — a unique talent with a style that fits in strongly with some of the rising tide of female vocalists rising up at the start of the 70s — an elite group that might include Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, and Carole King!

Polly's much more obscure The rare second album from French free jazz combo Perception — a quartet who are already feeling such strengths that they decided to add a few other musicians to their lineup!

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As before, the performance by the core quartet is amazing — really strong, solid work on keyboards and piano Meredith Monk Key. Haunting early work by Meredith Monk — recorded in , and performed by a small group of vocalists — all working with Monk in an incredible presentation of her new ideas for voice! The music is already at a place that's light years ahead of most — clearly marking the singer as A fantastic audio tribute to the greatness of the movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood — a record that not only includes so many of the great tracks that were playing alongside the story, but which also recreates the way in which they were used!

If you saw the film, you'll know that a good One of the most obscure 70s soundtracks from the great Piero Piccioni — and one of the grooviest too — a set that has the maestro playing lots of lead piano and organ lines himself, in a way that recalls the dreaminess of some of his better-known scores from the 60s! The film's an Always-amazing work from the team of pianist Toshiko Akiyoshi and reedman Lew Tabackin — and a set that may well be one of the ensemble's most ambitious records to date — given that side two features a long, complicated suite that has roots in older Japanese musical styles!

The balance Yazz Ahmed Polyhymnia. The songs are long, and the music is Sudan Archives Athena. A great full length album from Sudan Archives — an artist whose name is a bit misleading — as there's nothing Sudanese or archival in her sound! But the vibe of the record is maybe captured by the image on the cover — as the music all features violin, but in a contemporary soul The earliest work we've ever seen from this legendary South African group — and music that's got a much rawer, more stripped-down vibe than the albums that made them famous in the 80s!

These tracks are mostly just group vocals with a bit of percussion and guitar — billed as "zulu A beautiful little project, and one that's better even than you'd guess from the outset — as the work is put together by percussionist Adam Randolph, and may well be one of the best things he's ever given us! Randolph composed the songs on the set, but they're performed with a very A pair of classic Albert Ayler albums from — back to back on a single CD!


First up is Spirits — only the second album ever recorded by Albert Ayler, but a tremendous statement of music that clearly marks the tenorist as one of the most important jazz talents of the 60s! The set An amazing tribute to the Bakersfield scene — one that finally gives the California city the same sort of attention that we usually see in sets dedicated to Nashville!

Bakersfield is well-known as the home of Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, but the city's got a long legacy of influencing An Arkestra performance, but one that's headed up by Mark De Clive-Lowe — who wrote all the material, and produced the record too — as a great extension of some of the more spiritual directions he's been taking in his own music in recent years! The group have a sound that definitely A fantastic second set from keyboardist Joe Armon-Jones — a musician we first came to love in the UK-based Ezra Collective, and one who's now effortlessly bridging a space between jazz and soul!

The record's got a vibe that's as cosmic as its cover — but one that comes not just through A jazz trio with a very unique sound — one that appears to be rooted in Brazilian music, according to some of the notes in the CD — but which, to our ears, sounds a bit more contemporary and individual to the group! The rhythms are very dynamic — a nice change from more familiar First up is Especially For You — a record that's kind of a first chapter to all the excellent work by One Way to come — even though Al's not using that group name at this time!

Heptones Night Food gram pressing. Seminal sounds from The Heptones — and a record that really helped the older trio style of Jamaican music find a new home in the 70s roots reggae years! The vocals here are every bit as much in harmony heaven as reggae trios from a few years before — but there's also a tighter, more Eric Alexander Leap Of Faith.

The great Eric Alexander in a trio mode — soaring out with a lot more space and soul than some of his albums with a pianist — and that's saying a lot, given the wonderfully soulful sound of that work too!

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The style is a mode that Alexander has explored a bit over the years, but which Great live work from one of the coolest combos to ever feature the talents of saxophonist Dave Liebman and pianist Richie Beirach — a freewheeling quintet that brings in lots of organic, rhythmic elements to the more modern styles of the famous duo! Other players include Frank Tusa on bass, An amazing package — three great albums by The Fall, plus lots of bonus tracks too! First up is Hex Enduction Hour — one of our key go-to albums by The Fall — a set in which all their early promise really came into focus — with even more wit and power than before!

Bar-Kays Gotta Groove gram pressing.

Selections - November 12222

Amazing work from the new version of The Bar-Kays — a group who reformed to become a combo as heavy as any of the best funky groups from Detroit, LA, or New York at the time! There's a style here that's a sweet Memphis distillation of ideas bubbling under in music by Sly Stone, Funkadelic, Soaring sounds from SBB — an all-instrumental session for Polish Radio, and one that really shows off the more fusion-heavy side of their music!

All tracks are nice and long — and there's more of a power trio formation in the group — really freewheeling guitar lines that are One of the craziest collections of Christmas music you'll ever hope to own — a fantastic assortment of rare and obscure Holiday singles from the record collection of The Cramps! The music is mostly from the end of the 50s and start of the 60s — a heyday not just for the 45rpm format, Mats Aleklint is a hell of a trombonist — free, opened-up, and able to craft so many different sounds from his instrument, he always really blows us away!

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And here, he's working in a trio that definitely pushes his sonic range — given that Per-Ake Holmlander plays tuba, which really Company Company A lost chapter of the essential Company series of improvised recordings from the late 70s — music that was recorded by the BBC in , and which continues the fantastic meeting of British and European players that made those earlier records so great!

If anything, there may be even more Jon Regen Higher Ground. Regen's got a nicely Various Jon Savage's to — Rock Dreams on Writer Jon Savage has given us some great dips into key years of the 60s — thanks to a wonderful series on Ace Records, which offered up a special mix of styles on every disc — but this time around, he focuses on a few years at the start of the 70s — and serves up an all-rock A special version of this classic!

Where would electronic pop be without Gary Numan's "Cars"? Alongside Kraftwerk's classic 80s albums and Yellow Magic Orchestra's first LP, this album by Gary Numan ranks as one of the most essential synth driven LPs on a creative level — and it Michael Kiwanuka Kiwanuka. Michael Kiwanuka works in a genre that's all his own — definitely soulful, but wrapped around so many other influences too — all with this proud, positive vibe that's gotten the singer a lot more ears than we might have expected just a few short years ago!

The record's got plenty of A large version of the Company concept — and one that continues all the experiments of their recorded legacy in a really great way! As with the others, guitarist Derek Bailey is at the core here — working sonic magic on both acoustic and electric guitar — in a lineup that also A really amazing look at the secret art and language of gang culture in Chicago — the most detailed book we've ever seen to examine the words on the street during the 60s, 70s, and 80s!


Chicago had a very special sort of language to communicate gang activity and culture during the heyday of Yulesville is coolsville — especially when it comes in the form of a killer collection of rare Christmas singles from the folks at Bear Family!

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Vinyl record and cd shop

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