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He married a Robertson the first time, and they had a son named Bob. He marr The records said that he was born in Ohio. Also census records in Missouri also say that he w My grandmother's name is Esther Warner and she is from Thomas St. I also have She married Frederick Hardin and was his first wife. He married his second wife in That is the only date I have. They settled in Robeson Co.

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TX, passed away March 31, He was a memb Sam Hall, Sr. Hall preceded him in death. Surviving are his wife of 62 years, Ruby Turner Hall; Thompson Hillin?

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Maybe we could compare info? Sincerely, Kim F. Exie A. West His Hello William, I'm looking for my best friend. Her fathers name was Alban Samuel Sealey. He work on the Panama Canal and was an Electrician. He also fought in the Spanish American War.

I'm sure he came from Looks like your Jesse and my Jesse are the same. Jesse Fields b. Peron 1 , C.

Fermanian 1 , E. Maillart 2 , K. Deiva 3. Background: Onset of multiple sclerosis MS before 18 years old, called Paediatric-onset MS PoMS , is considered as a rare disease, with prevalence estimates ranging from 0 to 3 cases per 10, inhabitants in the world. In France, about , people live with MS, but it is not currently known how many children and youth are affected.

Regarding disease management, most of the disease-modifying therapies DMTs licensed in the adult-MS population is not approved in the PoMS population and they are frequently used off-label. Objective: The present study aims to estimate the prevalence of PoMS in France and describe characteristics of the disease management, especially DMTs prescriptions, of this specific population, using administrative health data over the period to Access to health services and use of DMTs over the 6-year study period was described.

Results: Overall, cases girls and boys were identified, leading to an estimated prevalence of approximately 1 case per 10, inhabitants. Regarding DMTs, In treated patients, mean age at first DMT initiation was 16 years old and the three most frequently prescribed drugs were interferons, glatiramer acetate and natalizumab. Finally, five deaths occurred over the study period 4 other causes than MS, 1 unknown. Conclusion: Data issued from the national health insurance system offers the opportunity to estimate the prevalence of PoMS in France and to study care practices in this specific population at national level, without selection bias.

Therapeutic sequences will be deeply studied, as well as the profiles of health care providers involved in the follow-up of such children. Abdel-Mannan 1 , C. Manchoon 2 , T. Rossor 3 , C. Benetou 2 , S. Mahal 1 , S.

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Crichton 2 , S. Wright 4 , M.

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Chitre 3 , E. Wassmer 4 , M. Ciccarelli 5 , C. Hemingway 1 , Y. Hacohen 1,5. Introduction: The approach to treatment of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis RRMS in children is rapidly evolving, with 14 disease-modifying therapies DMTs currently licensed for adults. The first randomised controlled trial in paediatric RRMS has been recently published, assessing the efficacy and safety of a DMT fingolimod already licensed for adult patients. Several other clinical trials are currently underway.

Objectives: In this study, we aimed to describe the frequency of relapses and side effects in children on DMTs in a real-life cohort. Annual relapse rate ARR prior and on treatment were calculated. Results: Of the 82 children included, 43 The median time from initial presentation to first-line DMTs was 1. Side effects were reported in 44 Of the clinical relapses reported in the cohort, 96 were on treatment.

ARR was reduced from 2. Conclusions: There have been limited randomised trials to date for first-line DMTs in the paediatric population; nevertheless, newer second line DMTs are increasingly being used in paediatric MS. As expected, escalating treatment to second-line DMTs such as fingolimod and natalizumab resulted in further reduction of ARR.

Cheryl Hemingway: consulting and educational grants Novartis , global paediatric MS steering committee and educational grants Biogen and consulting Alexion. Stahmann 1 , P. Flachenecker 2 , F. Fneish 1 , C. Kleinschnitz 3 , D. Rienhoff 6 , U. Zettl 7 , J. Introduction: Paediatric onset MS, defined by first symptom before the age of 18, often comes with high levels of disease activity. Life-threatening disease courses and so called break through MS are more common than in adult onset MS. Often relapses remit completely, whereas neuropsychological deficits are more relevant compared to young adults.

Aim: This study aims to provide quantitative and qualitative analysis on long-term employment outcomes for paediatric onset MS in Germany. Methods: Data [export data: All patients were included after their 18 th birthday. With 2. Furthermore Conclusions: Our analysis showed that patients with paediatric onset MS are significantly more often not able to finish a school degree nor any job or university training.

While their EDSS does not show major impairment below or equal 3. This may be due to the fact that MS afflicted a developing brain. Effective therapy at onset might be helpful to prevent these consequences. He has participated in pharmaceutical company sponsored trials by Almirall, Biogen Idec and Novartis. None resulted in a conflict of interest. He received research grants from Biogen, Merck, Roche. None related to this work.

AS has received institutional research grants from Merck and Novartis. Berenbaum 1 , S. Stephens 1 , S. Grover 1 , K.

birth records of sara lynne sealey Birth records of sara lynne sealey
birth records of sara lynne sealey Birth records of sara lynne sealey
birth records of sara lynne sealey Birth records of sara lynne sealey
birth records of sara lynne sealey Birth records of sara lynne sealey
birth records of sara lynne sealey Birth records of sara lynne sealey
birth records of sara lynne sealey Birth records of sara lynne sealey
birth records of sara lynne sealey Birth records of sara lynne sealey
birth records of sara lynne sealey Birth records of sara lynne sealey
Birth records of sara lynne sealey

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