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I left my family behind. Had a beautiful wife named Lucy He's the one that I made my promise to I guess that sounds pretty stupid coming from a guy who shoots people for a living. My son I don't know what's wrong with him. One day, he's playing out in the fields behind our farm Last I saw he was almost to weak to walk. I didn't dare ask him to come with me. Honestly, I don't know how much longer he's going to last. They never even heard of the disease. I don't need them I need someone like you. You've already done so much for me, I feel horrible asking for more.

But if you're willing to risk it, I might have a way we could save him. Looking back on the whole thing, I think we were just lucky. Anyway, when I hit sixteen, I ended up wandering the Capital Wasteland for a while. I took the odd job here and there, but things were pretty hot with the Brotherhood of Steel running the show.

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So I hitched a ride with a caravan and made my way north until I ended up here. Made a pretty decent name for myself before I heard that the Gunners needed some sharpshooters. Biggest mistake of my life. They were animals.


Killed anything that moved if it got in their way. I went with it for a while, because the caps were good. But, I dunno, I guess it started to catch up with me Which pretty much brings us to now. So there you have it, my whole life in a nutshell. Who are they? Got a rep for being crazy Stuck with them for a while cause the money was good, but I never fit in. That's why I made a clean break and started flying solo.

Now, what about you? Count me in. A few months before we met, I bumped into a guy named Sinclair who claimed his buddy caught some kind of a disease. I thought he was wasting my time until he said his partner broke out in blue boils. They dug up information about a cure at a place called Med-Tek Research. They even managed to grab the building's lockdown security codes. Unfortunately, Sinclair's buddy died before they were able to break into the facility. I mean, there's no way that's a coincidence, right? Med-Tek has to be the place. But he brought up the blue boils and the sickness his partner suffered from.

There's no way that's a coincidence Wouldn't make any sense. If Sinclair says Med-Tek Research is the place, that's where we need to go If there's a cure, we'll find it. I'll put Med-Tek Research on your map.

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When you're ready, just take us out there I have all of the codes we need to get through their security. What you're doing Even if it takes me the rest of my life I'll repay this debt to you, I swear it. This could be a dead end. Goodneighbor was starting to wear out its welcome.

Let's put it this way. Can't get much rest when you're sleeping with one eye open. Still, it was the best place for me to set up shop. Diamond City's goons would have run me out of town and wandering the Commonwealth alone isn't the brightest plan when you're hard up for caps. What do you mean? The folks in Goodneighbor tended not to ask too many questions which suited my needs.

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So, I made a deal with Hancock and started waiting for the caps to roll in. But right now, I need every cap I can get. I don't usually go around sharing stuff like this, but you've been pretty straight with me, so I'm going to be straight with you. It's those two assh They've been hounding me for months and it's been driving off clients. No one wants to touch me once they learn I used to run with the Gunners.

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  7. And I figured if I could get enough caps together, maybe I could buy them out. I haven't seen you in a while. You haven't been avoiding me, have you? So, what did you need? I found the cure to Duncan's disease. That's wonderful news. How did you do it? Last time you tried, the ferals almost chewed you to bits. My friend here got me through Med-Tek. Now all I need to do is get the cure into Duncan's hands. Can you help me?

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    You've saved my behind more than once, it's the least I can do. It's okay, you can trust me. I swear I'll get the cure to Duncan. Let's just say I've had my share of unfriendly customers and MacCready's been there to help me handle the situation. He's actually not so bad, once you get to know him. I'll get the sample on the first caravan leaving the Commonwealth. The driver owes me a few favors and he's reliable.

    It will arrive at your homestead in no time, MacCready. Take care of MacCready for me. He's one of the good ones. It's been almost three months Should we take this outside? I'm just here to deliver a message. But you're still taking jobs in the Commonwealth. That isn't going to work for us. So why don't you take your girlfriend and walk out of here while you still can. Winlock, tell me we don't have to listen to this shit The only reason we haven't filled your body full of bullets is that we don't want a war with Goodneighbor.

    See, we respect other people's boundaries It's something you never learned.

    But if we hear you're still operating inside Gunner territory, all bets are off. You got that?


    Come on, Barnes. To be honest, even if they took the money, there's no guarantee that they wouldn't change their minds later.

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