List of wwe wrestlers that went to jail

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Piper was signed to the WWF in and within a year became involved in a feud with megastar Hulk Hogan which culminated in a tag team main event match at Wrestlemania I. Hogan, the megastar baby face matched up with the maniacal Piper was a perfect fit and helped hype their first ever pay per view immensely. He could work as a fan favorite, battling Adrian Adonis through and with the crowd rallying around him.

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He could wrestle with the best of them, no more apparent than in his scintillating Wrestlemania VII classic with fellow Canadian, Bret Hart. But man, could he talk. Piper was undoubtedly one of the best mic workers in pro wrestling history. He was the heel everyone loved to hate and then eventually the legend everyone revered. Others have tried to emulate but there could just possibly never be another Roddy Piper.

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Hitting the list at number 6 is one of the most underrated superstars that the WWE has ever had. Christian has one the best WWE resumes of any retired wrestler, capturing 20 championships in his tenure, 2 of them World Heavyweight Championships, while also becoming just the 12th Grand Slam Champion. The Ontario native had a great look, was a terrific in-ring worker, and he was an absolute riot on the microphone.

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Starting off his WWE career as in a tag team with Edge, the duo would go on to win 9 tag team titles, etching themselves as one of the best tag teams of all time along the way. As mentioned earlier, he was a two-time World champion.

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But in reality, Christian was a guy who deserved to be a 6 or 7-time champion, minimum. He was a guy that could do it all in the sport and did it all as far as accomplishments. On the subject of Christian, Edge, his best friend was on the other end of world championship success in the WWE.

He was an time world champion and just seemed to be a guy that was always near the title picture and constantly putting on instant classic matches. Also born in Ontario, Edge met the WWE with immediate success, winning his first championship, the Intercontinental title in just over a year after joining the roster. For the next 12 years, Edge would be one of the most recognizable superstars in the entire company. His success would pay off in spades when he finally got to do what every WWE star dreams off, main event Wrestlemania.

And although unsuccessful, he proved that he could be the top draw in the WWE as he and Taker tore the roof off of The Citrus Bowl in Orlando that night. After Wrestlemania 24, he would go on to main event 11 more pay per views before ultimately retiring at just 38 years old due to injury. Edge had his fair share of detractors for a number of different reasons, but no one can deny what he brought to the wrestling world. Championship-wise he was the most successful wrestler in WWE history and was then a no doubt first ballot hall of famer. Yes, Chris Benoit did an absolutely vile thing that ended with him taking 2 lives as well as his own.

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What Benoit lacked in personality, he made up for with pure intensity and it seemed like every time he worked a match, it had the potential for 5-star brilliance. Hailing from Montreal, Benoit spent his first 10 years in the business traveling from country to country cultivating his craft. There was only one person to be better in that category and he also happens to be Canadian. At 34 years old his life came to a tragic end when his safety harness malfunctioned and he plummeted to the ring underneath at the Over The Edge pay per view in May of It was a sickening blow to the entire professional wrestling world as a young man was struck down in what seemed like the prime of his career.

Owen, unsurprisingly trained at the aforementioned Dungeon run by his father Stu in Calgary, Alberta, spent the first five years of his career training and working the independent circuit before joining brother Bret in the WWF permanently in From there he found success as a tag team specialist before broadening his horizons and challenging Bret for the WWF title through the first half of Their matches to this day still stand up as some of the best of all time. When it was all said and done, Owen won 2 Intercontinental titles, 4 tag titles, a European title, and a King of the Ring.

5 Wrestlers who spent time in prison

Before his death Owen was widely regarded as one of the best in-ring workers in all of the then WWF and the rumor was that he was destined for bigger things. All we can do is now is speculate and reflect on the genius that was Owen Hart. At 46 years old, Chris Jericho is still going strong. Not born in Canada but still spending the majority of his youth in Manitoba, Y2J is currently pulling out some of his best stuff while being a member of the RAW brand.

The guy is just an everything man for the WWE, carrying the company when he needs to while putting over young stars repeatedly. Cena has been with the WWE since and has been one of the wrestling company's most popular wrestlers. He also acted in films like Trainwreck, Ferdinand and Blockers.

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In Reigns featured in more WWE events than any other wrestler. He receives a salary, bonuses and vesting stock awards.

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For he tied for the most pay-per-view appearances. He had a total of 11 pay-per-view appearances for Wrestlemania is normally the biggest payday for WWE superstars. Rollins merchandise is also quite popular with fans. Although The Undertaker hardly makes appearances on WWE he is still a popular performer with the fans. His popularity is the reason that his merchandise sales look good.

list of wwe wrestlers that went to jail List of wwe wrestlers that went to jail
list of wwe wrestlers that went to jail List of wwe wrestlers that went to jail
list of wwe wrestlers that went to jail List of wwe wrestlers that went to jail
list of wwe wrestlers that went to jail List of wwe wrestlers that went to jail
list of wwe wrestlers that went to jail List of wwe wrestlers that went to jail

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