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We took the prosecutors to task, and after two days of trial it took the jury just 90 minutes to decide Not Guilty! Our client admitted to drinking, being an undocumented resident, failed the roadside sobriety tests and then refused to take a chemical BAC test. Description: Client was stopped for weaving in and out of lanes late at night on the highway. Less than three weeks after hiring our firm, the case was dismissed and our client is completely free from any criminal charges! First Name. Last Name.

Denver Criminal Attorney

Phone Number. Email Address. Tell Us About Your Case. Email Us Online. Schedule Consult Online. Why Choose Geman? Our philosophy is that everyone deserves the best defense possible. All cases we agree to handle are treated equally—whether big or small. We give all of our clients the respect and individualized representation they expected when they hired us.

Allow our dedicated, honest, and reliable Denver criminal defense attorney provide you with guided legal counsel for one of the most difficult times of your life. We pledge to fight for you using our years of insight and strategic skill. Our firm is available to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We start by thoroughly reviewing your side of the story and then gathering the necessary evidence to come up with the best strategy with which to defend you.

Get Your Free Consultation. View More. Prev Next. Thousands of Cases Handled in Colorado Being convicted of a crime can destroy your life in a matter of seconds.

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer | Criminal Attorney Colorado

He knows this. Simply having a criminal record can hurt your ability to get a job, find a place to live, secure a loan, and more. When Mr. Weeden takes on a case, it is not merely another job.

Why Choose Jurdem, LLC?

It is a promise that he will work diligently and explore every possible legal option available to get your charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed. Because of the recognition he has received.

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One of the best ways to know if a defense lawyer is any good or not is to listen to what other people say about them and look at the recognition they have received. Since he started practicing law in , Mr. Because of his track record. Of course, awards are not everything. It is also important to look at how an attorney has done in actual cases. Here, once again, Mr. Weeden excels. If you take a look at his results, you will notice a litany of positive outcomes for clients.

Criminal Defense Cases with Pollart Miller

Charges dismissed. Rights retained. Protection orders denied.

enter While it is impossible to promise a particular outcome in a case, working with someone who has a history of success is a great sign that they know what it takes to get the result you want — and get you back to living your regular life. Many people who do not have much experience with the law believe that, as long as someone is an attorney, he or she is qualified to take on your case. Think about it this way though.

Would you go to a podiatrist for a heart problem? Or a cardiologist for the bunions on your feet? After all, they are both doctors, right? Of course, no one would do that. Because it takes specialized knowledge to deal with either issue. Well, the same is true for legal matters. If you are charged with a drug crime in Arapahoe or Boulder, you want to work with an attorney who has a track record of success dealing with Colorado drug charges. If you are facing an accusation of domestic violence in Adams or Douglas, you need the knowledge and skills of someone who has been able to help people deal with domestic matters.

When you decide to work with Jeff Weeden, you get a legal professional who has experience in both Colorado state and federal courtrooms and can take on a variety of criminal cases — everything from petty misdemeanors to homicides. Some of the most common cases our office handles include charges related to:. If you do not see your charge on this list and wonder if we can help, the best way to find out is to get in touch with our office and explain your situation. My minor child made a small mistake, but was treated like he committed a terrible crime.

I was scared and didn't know what was going to happen or if my child was going to receive a fair chance during the process. Jeff took the time to calm me down and explain everything that would happen and how he was going to help us. He answered all my questions and always called me back when I reached out to him.

He did an excellent job representing my son and the result was what I was hoping for, but didn't know we would achieve. He was personable and very kind to my son. I would recommend him to anyone who wants an attorney that not only can do an excellent job, but also cares about you as a client. He works tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome for your case. I thought I was absolutely screwed I gave the cops ALL the evidence they needed at the scene to lock me up for good because I thought it would help my case. Weeden got my charges completely dropped and even helped me seal my records!

He saved my freedom and my professional life. One hundred out of five stars! Jeff did so well with staying in contact with me, to start this off. Weekends, holidays, night, day. He helped me out of a really tough spot and I am forever grateful for him. He is extremely professional but he will also hear you out and he puts himself in your shoes when dealing with your situation to see things from your perspective.

If I ever need help again, there will be no hesitation as to who I contact. I highly recommend him. He's fantastic! A few years back, I made decisions that could've made a big impact on my life. I was a high school student at the time, so I knew I needed someone to help me, so I could be given a second chance to live life to the fullest. Jeff was the one for me, and I couldn't have asked for a better attorney. His communication, work ethic, the ability to explain things to me that made sense, everything was something that I took to heart. And he was able to persuade the judge to give me a second chance at life.

I highly recommend at suggest Jeff Weeden. I thought my life was ruined as far as my career was considered. I called several lawyers, and got the old "You can't do that, or you're outa luck. I called Jeff, and he said, "Try this and see what happens. He never told me something wouldn't work, or I couldn't do that.

Jeff helped me get my beloved career back, and has ensured the happiness and well-being of me and my children. I am forever grateful for his time and his Go Get It kick in the pants he gave me. All lawyers should be molded after this Rock Star! Jeff Weeden has done an amazing job in reaching out, listening, providing solid advice and helping me.

I enjoy his upbeat personality, and also his ability to demonstrate his commitment to excellence and integrity in his work. Weeden has exceeded my expectations and I greatly appreciate his ethical hard work and dedication. Jeff is very compassionate and found ways to make us laugh or feel comfortable even when we were scared or emotionally drained. He is very knowledgeable, funny, and attentive. He kept fighting for us even when we lost all hope in the justice system.

When we found a slight issue with our original sentence he went back to argue a second time and he pushed to an outcome well beyond our expectations, even better than the first due to our circumstances. Thank you Jeff! He is compassionate, with a truly unique ability to establish rapport, show empathy and connect with his clients from a wide array of backgrounds. In his communication with clients there is genuine thoughtfulness and a conscience attention to their needs.

case criminal criminal defense denver in lawyer lawyer trial Case criminal criminal defense denver in lawyer lawyer trial
case criminal criminal defense denver in lawyer lawyer trial Case criminal criminal defense denver in lawyer lawyer trial
case criminal criminal defense denver in lawyer lawyer trial Case criminal criminal defense denver in lawyer lawyer trial
case criminal criminal defense denver in lawyer lawyer trial Case criminal criminal defense denver in lawyer lawyer trial
case criminal criminal defense denver in lawyer lawyer trial Case criminal criminal defense denver in lawyer lawyer trial
case criminal criminal defense denver in lawyer lawyer trial Case criminal criminal defense denver in lawyer lawyer trial

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