Ethnic backgrounds of the people of guyana

Guyana country profile

Guyana is a country found in South America , although it is frequently regarded as part of the Caribbean largely because of its political, historical, and cultural connections to the English speaking countries of the Caribbean. Guyana shares its land borders with Venezuela, Brazil, and it covers an area of approximately 83, square miles.

The country is the third smallest in mainland South America after Uruguay and Suriname.

The following are the largest ethnic groups in Guyana. The Wai-Wai ethnic group belongs to the larger Carib-speaking people found mainly in Guyana and northern part of Brazil. They are part of the indigenous Amerindians who occupied most of South America.

Languages and religion

The Wai-Wai ethnic group is the smallest of all the nine tribes in Guyana, and they are found in the Southern part of the country known as Konashen near the headwaters of river Essequibo. It is estimated that there are about 1, Wai-Wai people in Guyana and about 2, in Brazil. The Macushi ethnic community is among the indigenous people of Guyana, and they are found in the border between Northern Brazil and Southern Guyana. In Brazil, they are found in the state of Roraima, and similarly, they are also found in the eastern part.

Macushi ethnic group speak the Macushi language, which is also part of the Carib language family. The Macushi people in Brazil also speak the Portuguese language, and those in Venezuela speak the Spanish language, while those in Guyana speak the English language. The Patanoma people are the Amerindian indigenous community who occupy the region around the Pakaraima Mountains in Guyana.

Guyana lays the groundwork

The Patamona people are also known as Kapon, and they are estimated to be about 5, people of Patamona ethnicity living in Guyana. From the archaeological evidence, Patamona people lived along the Yawong Valley and the upper parts of Siparuni River. The Kaieteur Falls was one of the most important cultural sites for the community which practice animist religion.

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The Lokono ethnic group are also known as Arawak, and they are native along the coastal region of the larger part of South America. Currently, there are about 10, people of Lokono ethnic group and they speak the Arawak language. When the Spanish colonized the Caribbean region, the Lokono people among other mainland communities resisted the Spanish for a long time, and the Spanish were unable to subdue them throughout the 16th century.

However, in the 17th century when the increased encouragement from other European powers, the Lokono people allied with the Spanish against their neighboring Kalina Caribs , who had collaborated with the Dutch and the English. In the early 19th century, change in the economic situation such as the tragic ending of the plantation economy adversely affected the Lokono people, and their population declined drastically.

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The Kalina ethnic group is also known as the Caribs, and they are the indigenous people native to coastal areas in South America, and they are found in Guyana and other countries such as Venezuela, French Guiana, Suriname, and Brazil. The Kalina ethnic group speaks the Cariba language known as Carib.

Kalina people could be related to the island Caribs of the Caribbean, although the language is unrelated. Home Countries Guyana. Components of Population Change One birth every 34 minutes. Cities in Guyana. Where is Guyana? Countries Starting with G. How Many People Live in Guyana?

Guyana Flag. Human Freedom. Personal Freedom. Economic Freedom. Guyana Population Pyramid Guyana Population by Age.

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Year Date 15 September 15 September 12 May Guyana Population Pyramid. Guyana Population Growth.

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Source: World Population Prospects Revision. Guyana Population Density Map. Guyana Top 11 Cities by Population. Source: GeoNames. Guyana Population Estimator. Nov

Ethnic backgrounds of the people of guyana
Ethnic backgrounds of the people of guyana
Ethnic backgrounds of the people of guyana
Ethnic backgrounds of the people of guyana
Ethnic backgrounds of the people of guyana
Ethnic backgrounds of the people of guyana
Ethnic backgrounds of the people of guyana
Ethnic backgrounds of the people of guyana
Ethnic backgrounds of the people of guyana

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